Friday, October 10, 2014

Last May we had the opportunity to design flowers for Del Paso Country Club's Magpie dinner. Del Paso Country Club, home of the US Senior Open for 2015, hosted approximately 400 dinner guests for this annual event.  It was our pleasure to provide a design that was cost effective for the event and that all guests were more then happy with giving many compliments.   We look forward to more events at Del Paso Country Club!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Here is a photo shoot we did with the talented Emily Heizer, check out her work at When I found out she was hanging out in Oregon for a while I immediately let her know how I would love to do destination weddings and work with her in the Pacific Northwest.  She was currently working on a photo shoot with a lumber jack kind of theme and she asked if I wanted to make a go at sending her some flowers for it.  How could I resist? Follow the link below for the complete article on Eco Wedding Style's Blog!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bouquets of Wine and Art

The event Bouquets of Wine and Art is a Bouquet to Art type event such at the Bouquet to Art at the San Francisco DeYoung Museum.  This years was the first of it's kind in the Sacramento area.  As a floral designer that specializes in events I become quite used to doing the same things such as bouquets, ceremony, and reception designs.  They are always unique and even though we try to differentiate our style per client the challenge of doing something new and artistic can be lost. I was very excited to participate in this event to challenge myself with something new.  Creating a floral piece based off of art and nothing more and in the end I surprised myself with what I could do.  I also had so much fun observing other floral designers interpret their art pieces and knowing that none of us would have done the same thing with each others paintings.

Thank you to WhiRed Wine for putting this event together to support and raise money for the art scene in Sacramento, Beatnik Studios for hosting the event, and Milou and Olin Photography for the photos of my Bouquet to Art Piece in this years Bouquets of Wine and Art Event.

Open the link below for a video from Bouquets of Wine and Art.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you!  We wish you the best in the ending of 2011 and welcome many new adventures for all in 2012.  My favorite holiday song is "So this is Christmas" by John Lennon.  It always makes me think about the coming year and what and how I can be better on a personal and a business level. 

We know many will be spending the Holiday becoming engaged and we are so excited to celebrate with you.  We look forward to talking to all of you newly engaged couples out there in 2012!

Picture by The Memory Journalists

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebrating 5 years!!!

Tomorrow I will be celebrating my 5 year wedding
anniversary. This led me to look through my wedding pictures which led me to share a few of them with you.
Our wedding was a DIY event.  We had a modest budget.  Most of the money went to food and photographer.  Sound familiar?  I leafed through wedding magazines to find the little extras we would do ourselves.  Today our wedding is already outdated, but 5 years ago chocolate and pink were THE colors! There are things I would choose to do differently, such as hire a real DJ!  :)

I wouldn't change the fact that our closest friends all participated in helping before and the day of.

I loved all the little things I did participate in myself that day.  I wrapped my bouquets, threw aisle petals down along with my bridesmaids, gathered aisle flowers with my sister in law, and placed my roses on top of my wedding cake.  I gathered sand off the beach for our centerpieces, placed my own hair flower, and somehow managed to breath and walk down the aisle after all that with my Dad to see my now husband waiting for me right in front of the cliffs edge of Pismo Beach, CA.

This picture cracks my husband and I up!  Seriously?  Dog poop to the right of my dad.  An event planner would have handled that right?  Well, you can't catch it all and hope that your photographer photo shops it out.Ours didn't! LOL! 

Also, photography has changed. Who ordered the chairs?

All in all our wedding day is a great memory we treasure.  I have been blessed by many things in the past 5 years and I wish the same to all the couples I have worked with and will work with in the future. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sara and Brian-September 23, 2010

Sara's dress was stunning and I love the way her bouquet  represented her Country Chic Wedding

Light blue mason jars hung from the chairs filled withh dalias, stock, puma mums, and tansy yarrow

Centerpieces in assorted mason jars and bottle vases

Clean, Classic, Country
Every detail was perfect!


Venue - Dry Creek Ranch, Rio Linda, CA

Photographer-- Emily Heizer
Caterer - Beth Sogaard Catering

Draping and lighting - Avenue Illumination

Musicians - Gypsy Standard Time

Makeup - Christi Reynolds

Hair - Ashley at Salon Paisley

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tina and Scott - Patrick's Point State Park October 2010

The orange in this bouquet is the perfect compliment to the
green colors of the Redwood Forest

Gerbera Daisies were a fun and simple way to add just a touch of floral to this destination point wedding

Photographer:  Jenn Bartell